Dreaming of fireworks

Last night’s dream was so wonderful and exciting that when Maggie pawed my face at 6:00AM and Otis said the coffee was ready I willed myself back to sleep despite my long to-do list. 

In my dream I was chosen to be part group of a few artists who were offered a 3-month retreat in an uber-elegant, peaceful environment to reach for ideas, feelings and imagery not-yet imagined.  It was hosted by an encouraging “mentor” who looked and sounded like Javier Bardem.    

The host was enough of a reason to want to go back to dreaming. But ultimately it was the feeling of surprised belief in me when seeing my work in a new context and in comparison to others that was so amazing. The work was nothing like I had ever done before, yet I knew it was mine. It came straight from the heart. It was effortless. Most importantly, it fell like magic from my fingers. And it was good.  

I’d like to offer you the same “dream”, but unfortunately we have three hours, not 3 months and our space is far from uber-elegant. But I can provide a peaceful environment and a bit of magic.  We will be working in the dark again, on the wall, from slides.  Either an underpainting or fresh substrate will do (but be warned-canvas or heavy board will cause unnecessary frustrations when working on the wall).  Your “bones” will be supplied by both imagery you supply and by a slide. Where it goes from there will rely on your instincts and imagination, but we will have a lovely, calm, supportive environment in which you can sparkle just like the fireworks on the 4th of July.

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1 Response to Dreaming of fireworks

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow! what a fabulous dream!! you need to develop a short story or a poem from it! can’t wait to get back to the classroom! sheila

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