Sense of Place

“The feel of the sun on your face or the rain on your back, the rough and smooth textures of the land, the color of the sky at morning and sunset, the fragrance of the plants blooming in season, the songs and antics of birds and the cautious ramblings of mammals are environmental influences that help to define a place. Memories of personal and cultural experiences over time make a place special (sic) they help to define a place and anchor you in it.”   Dr. Thomas A. Woods
President Making Sense of Place, Inc.

As you ponder landscapes experienced in memory or those viewed in our exercise or a combination thereof, reflect on the paintings evolving from those observations. What can the viewer feel or what “sense” might they get from your imagery? Is there anything in particular you want to communicate?

Below are a collection of landscape paintings.  Notice your reaction as you view each one.  What contributes to that?  Is there anything that might influence the resolution of the landscape painting on which you are working?

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