A Damn, Fine Concert

Well, I’m exhausted! Unbelievable!

Unbelievable was the turnout at our annual open studio in 100-degree heat. Unbelievable how crowded the hottest rooms in the house were. Unbelievable that the entire group set-up took a little over 90 minutes and clean-up was even less—the power of teamwork. Unbelievable how Roxy could organize and manage so efficiently while battling a life-threatening disease. (Nan’s Wonder Woman was really modeled after Roxy.) And unbelievable the amount of fantastic painting that has taken place in our ArtHouse in the last year.

The growth was so evident that every person who frequents our annual event commented on it. Everyone deserves to be proud.

Spending the time and having the courage to explore an activity that can be so rife with judgement, so daring when one is authentic, and so revealing when it is on display is no small thing. It has the power to enlighten.

When you can look at your work as objectively as possible, in context of the whole and in context with others, displayed as is typical, it informs you about your vision, your voice, your ideas. As poet Mary Oliver says, an idea can be picked up, reflected upon, opposed and expanded—a delightful way to pass an afternoon.

Painting as poetry–an apt comparison. To quote Ms. Oliver further: “It is an effort to formalize (ritualize) individual moments and the transcending effect of these moments into music that all can use.”

Think of it! Creating a transcending effect of music that all can use.

Well done!

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