Exhibition~ 9/22/2010

It is exhibition season! Cool, damp, shorter days send people indoors traditionally leading museums to announce their  new schedules and serious art galleries (whatever that means) to feature their “heavy hitters”.

According to Wikipedia: Art exhibitions are traditionally the space in which art objects (in the most general sense) meet an audience.”

“Meet an AUDIENCE…..”

Several people are venturing forth to meet an audience.  Marley has been accepted in a juried show for PSU art alumni and she is also showing her work for one night at a friend’s studio. Leslie and Lois are going to exhibit a piece in a new show about fear at Launch Pad Gallery. Sarah will be hanging her work at another venue in October.  (All, please post details here.) And we, of course, are preparing for the 5th annual ArtHouse 23 Open Studio.

“Meet an AUDIENCE…..”

Hmmmm.  What would you want to display, exhibit, present, demonstrate, show, show-off, etc.,  when you meet an audience? The answers are as varied as the individuals. But there is one piece of advice: Draw something from somewhere. That doesn’t mean render an image with pencil, charcoal or pen and ink. It’s to draw not only from yourself but from a deeper source. The trick is to keep the connection to that which is real while exploring that something that moves and inspires.

I believe it is not only difficult but detrimental to keep this at the forefront while painting. But every now and again it is good to take stock.  To step back and look at the path your work has taken and just like in Alfie ask: “what’s it all about?”

This week we will continue to work on our work.

The audience speaks….An interesting blog records the art sales at galleries in Chicago: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/art-talk-chicago/2010/08/the-red-dot-report-8112010.html In it there is a link to a Seattle blog that discusses meaning in art.


Ps.  Movie time: http://blog.lastfridaycinema.com/

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