Blooms of Light 9/15/2010

“Conscious of the power as well as the necessity of shade, he took the utmost boundaries of darkness and allowed but one-third of light, which light dazzles the eye thrown upon some favorite point, but where his judgement kept pace with his choice, surrounded with impenetrable shade.”  J. M. W. Turner on Rembrandt

Many of you have expressed interest in learning the technique of layered light.  Shawn’s mother developed a beautiful surface last week that was inspiring. This week I will demonstrate  techniques to achive similar effects. It takes time so I will be working throughout the class on the wall.  Pay attention if and when you want to while continuing to work on the pieces that are in progress.

To assist in evaluating next moves here are photos of the work on the wall. Move your curser over each image to see who did what. I apologize for some of the bad photos, namely Sheila’s and Ellen’ and Cynthia’s. The real thing is much better than the photo.

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