Walking the “halls’ of the art house I’m surrounded by these fantastic, murmuring voices reflecting the journey we take together.  So individual is the experience that every turn of the head opens a new path. “Look at me and my love of line”.  “Look at how I try to understand darkness.” “Look at me and I’ll make you laugh, or think, or deliberate.”  “Look how I dazzle the corner.”  “Look how I remind you of a favorite place or of the scent of spring.”  “Look and I’ll show you somewhere you’ve never been.” “Can you hear the sound…?” “Look at the color, so saturated or so subtle, that it’s enough.” “I can make you smile, or haunt, or tell you of heartbreak.”

These are all stories on these walls.  Your stories.  You show up and in a manner so specific to who you are and you explore. These paintings are a record of that.  No two can be alike.  They resonate with your truth, your understanding, your personal expression. And as time goes on that exploration gets more intentional, it goes deeper, it understands further. The evidence is here. How great is that?!

French musician, actor and teacher, Francois Delsarte said: “The object of art is to crystallize emotion into thought and then give it form.” That’s what you’ve done!  And oh so well!  I’m proud to be a part.  Thank you.

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2 Responses to Surrounded

  1. Gary St. John says:

    In theater you say “Break A Leg” for good luck. I guess I’ll say “Break a Frame” and send good energy for your exciting weekend together. Cherish every moment. You are a rare group of talent, friendship, and beauty. Gary St. John

    • joanngilles says:

      Thanks Gary. I told everyone you wished them well. It was stupendous! SOOOO Many people! You are still missed much. Thanks for weighing in. Hugs, j.

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