The Flip Side

Last week we considered a subject with which we were familiar.  We had 3 opportunities to express the idea of it, or to render it, 3 different ways after given a few days to think about it. The emphasis was on using imagination.  We saw how others expanded ideas by repeating them, dissecting them, editing, changing palette, etc.–exploring new ways in which to see your subject’s characteristics, what it does and what it might become.  Sometimes it involved setting limits in order to push innovation.

The objective of this two-week exploration is to compare two ways of working.  The first week gave time to ponder, to find references—to prick the imagination through thought.

This week we will take a 180.  And although you have the last week’s experience and considerations nipping at the edge of your consciousness, you will have little control on how you will approach and develop the piece. I will lead a step by step process.  It may not always make sense, but it will be interesting.

Begin with one CLEAN substrate that either matches the size of last week’s (in case you decide to develop a series) or is a little larger.  Your first step will be to apply a wash—any color.  Resist going too dark as it limits the possibilities.  But if that’s what calls to you, go for it. Get that done as soon as you come in so it can dry. Have the other pieces from last week handy to fiddle with while you wait for instructions.  Some work faster than others, some will have a lightning bolt of an idea at times, some will struggle with an application, etc.  so rhythms of action will vary.  Prepare for it. 

Keep in mind your incredible “possibility”.  Make each move with commitment. It’s not about getting “done”.  It remains about the journey.

As always, have fun, make it meaningful, or both!

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