Mission Statement

ArtHouse 23 is a place where an individual can explore their unique expression to whatever degree they desire in a supportive atmosphere using the language of paint. It is about dialogue, reflection, practice and creativity. It’s built on a foundation of passion about the process and its art historical roots.

Like a good composition, each person’s inimitability contributes to the whole to create a dynamic, ever-evolving community which is greater than the sum of its parts.


Watching everyone  in these last weeks wrestle with details, displaying issues and eagerness and doubt I’m reminded of how the exhibition part of the process makes way for seeing our endeavor as a “whole” that includes commitment, focus, balance, counterpoint, connection… and abiding pitfalls.  Each time we go through this exercise we take stock in the value of the effort and what it may mean to each person participating.

Always, it points to growth in the individual and growing strength in the community, and, of course, some lovely things to hang on the wall. “Things” that others find, delightful, moving, exciting and affirmative. “Things” that people decide they want to live with. “Things” for which some people are willing to open their wallets.  “Things” for which you can be proud.


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3 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Gary St. John says:

    I am so looking forward to pictures of everybody’s work. I miss the learning and stimulation that I get from seeing your creations. The mission statement is spot on. Have a great show!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks so much Gary. We miss your laughter, wit, and whimsy, and wonderful work.! Thanks for
      your support and thoughts.


    • joanngilles says:

      We miss you too. I hope there is chance that Portland is in your future. Your inimitable style is sorely missed.

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