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You Light Up My Life

I heard a TED Talk by Princeton biologist Bonnie Bassler over the weekend about bacteria.  Oddly enough this made me think of us, ArtHouse 23. There is a type of bacteria called Vibrio Fishceri that make light—they are bioluminescent.  When studying … Continue reading


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Mission Statement

ArtHouse 23 is a place where an individual can explore their unique expression to whatever degree they desire in a supportive atmosphere using the language of paint. It is about dialogue, reflection, practice and creativity. It’s built on a foundation … Continue reading

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Just Keep Moving On

Stop worrying where you’re going, move on If you can know where you’re going, you’ve gone Just keep moving on… (from Sunday in the Park with George, by Stephen Sondheim) “No one looks at a flower garden and tears their … Continue reading

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Tips for Evaluating Your Paintings

Below is a handy checklist to identify trouble spots in a painting: Strong foreground—For some reason it is very common that the artist ignores the foreground.  Perhaps because we tend to focus first on the middle of the painting and … Continue reading

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