Break A Leg!

There were some nerves in the room on Wednesday night—an excellent sign.  We endeavor to take a risk and then we make it a public event. A case of nerves is normal.

But I’m here to tell you that you deserve to let pride supplant the nerves.  The work is excellent—honest investigations into wherever your interests lie at whatever your skill level is.  And better than last year?  Yes!  I’m sure you will all agree as you survey your “wall” that the growth is evident, (–even since the fall ReMax show.)  So congratulations one and all!

Suggestions to get the most out of your efforts:  Take time –this a great opportunity to see your work displayed as a whole. Let the socializing be quiet for a bit. Take a few moments to look at your work in context—how does each piece relate to the others?   Where are the commonalities?  The differences?  What are the strongest, most compelling passages or elements?  When you see a break-out piece is it a nod to the future?  Should it be a direction to persue?

Then look at your work in relation to the others—not to compare which is better, but to note the differences and the similarities.  Look at brush work and marks. Analyze composition. Imagine other color choices. What if Sheila’s trees were purple? What if Maxine’s figure was red? Learn from it. Steal the good stuff.  As long as your work is your quest, anything you steal will become your own.

The best thing about this ‘show’ is the way that everyone has worked so beautifully together.  Thank you. Little is more joyful, more life-affirming to me than being a part of something in which the good of the order takes precedence. Teamwork is a tonic.  By its very nature exhibiting one’s art work is a lot about individuality and ego–in a good but potentially too-vulnerable, or even a destructive way. So the support, the helping hands and encouragement that everyone’s been so willing to give is just a little bit remarkable.

Hat’s off! Much gratitude!  Break a leg!

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