Manifest Destiny

Remaining creative when embarking on an artistic endeavor requires staying open to possibilities.  At the same time, making a strong statement requires some sense of purpose, a direction, an idea, an inspiration.  But there is danger in being so committed to a certain path to that purpose that insights, as well as results, found on alternative  paths are ignored . When the channel stays open as you attempt to discover and express meaningful ideas, paintings can be “destined” to be what they become. We have all experienced that painting session that ends with something on the wall that has great resonance and yet you have no idea where it came from.  Ahhh…

The trick is to let the “route to the sea” be one in which you follow –follow yourself–rather than lead.  How do you follow yourself?  How does the purpose of the piece on which you are working manifest itself?  The ultimate answer I’m sure has something to do with magic.

Following instincts, noticing what you notice, paying attention to flashes of inspiration, settling in and looking to let that inspiration reveal itself, not being afraid to try new ideas, techniques, paint colors, treating the page as a means rather than an end are all ingredients to making the magic and having a great time.

This week and maybe next will be time to practice the above as you work on works in progress.  Don’t be afraid to imagine outcomes, but don’t be married to them.  If you have questions feel free to jot them down so we can address them during our class or just holler. Sharing confusion may enlighten others too as you traverse the vast territory ahead.

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