We all get stuck. Whether working on a single piece or trying to move forward in our work as a whole, we have all experienced that sense of inertia when longing to be creative but not knowing which way to turn.  That’s often the time we realize we may be running out of toilet paper, or that plants need watered, or a dental cleaning needs scheduled.  Costco, anyone?

Reams have been written by our greatest creative icons on how to get out of the muck and mire that hold our ideas, our hearts and our souls earthbound instead of seeking loftier places.  They write about it because they have all experienced it.

During this move there have been many days when I have stood in the center of boxes and piles and lists and phone messages, stymied—turning from one mound to another feeling like the tiger chasing his tale. Turning into butter seemed imminent. One thing, one move, one placement was often all it took to direct the process forward.   The trick is finding that thing, or more likely, allowing that thing to ensue, right or wrong. Do I hang the shower curtain or find the lamp shade? It didn’t really matter.  One move forward and the
rest of the day would often take care of itself.

Those pieces that last led you to say “I don’t know what to do or where to go” will be our focus.   Bring in at least two.  When determining your next move, reach for the predictable or the unexpected, the simple, or the complex.  Allow someone else to tell you what to do and do it, no matter how outrageous it is. Realize that perfection is not a goal and there is no failure when exploring.  It’s all information to build upon.  If you’re stuck, stretch.

Sound when stretched is music.

Movement when stretched is dance.

Mind when stretched is meditation.       

Life when stretched is celebration.

 —Ravi Shankar

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1 Response to Stuckage

  1. Ann Spanish Manion says:

    This couldn’t come at more appropriate time for me in quite a different area of life. Your right, all it takes is one step forward to get unstuck. So simple and yet all part of the process of living and in this case, ART……Looking forward to Wed.


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