We are All Teachers

If there is any doubt that we can learn from each other just take a look at the fantastic paintngs in progress after only a couple hours of working with our still life with model.  The search for individual vision can be seen in the differnet approaches.  See if you can guess who did which painting.  Observe: styles; brush work; inclusion or exclusion of objects, shapes, lines; etc. What viewpoint was chosen or how did each artist make the most of the view they were stuck with? Notice the way people create form and space differently. What factor does color play?  What do people do differently from what you do?  (Maybe they’ll share their techniques. Don’t hesitate to ask.)

This week we will continue with these painting or feel free to attack a new version of the same subject.  (Think pairs perhaps.) The still life will be in place for the whole class and Mary will pose for about 20 minutes at the beginning.  If you no longer need the sbject to work on your piece consider a couple of quick sketches to inform later work or just practice drawing.  Notice how Ann painted toes then look at Mary’s toes and see what she saw, etc. Perhaps concentrate on one particularly beautiful part of the figure or tackle problem areas like hands and feet.  And remember “exactitude is not truth”.

Click on image to enlarge.

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