“I Want To Live Forever….”

Well, not really.  But running by the resurrected TV series “Fame”, now on Ovation, someone named Jesse says he was up all night searching for ideas for the song-writing competition that is sure to lead to fame and fortune. “If I only knew what people wanted to hear”, he laments.  A friend suggests that maybe he is looking in the wrong place.  Playing to the whims of the current culture is not the way to create something lasting. His friend says that perhaps his connection to his native Mexico and the words of his grandfather would be a better source of inspiration– “You have a lot to say Jesse.”

I have no idea how it all turns out as I turned the channel.  But whenever I hear this kind of remark it reminds me of what I mention ad nauseam. That checking thoughts and taking notice of anything that has moved us of late will perhaps lead to a flash of how those things take shape as a visual message.  And a flash is likely all you get—elusive and fleeting. Don’t strain for more, just gather awareness.

I believe we all have a lot to say.  Maybe nothing earth-shattering or new but if it’s born of authenticity, it resonates. Fame, fortune and eternal life aside—resonance—the very word makes the attempts and failures worth the effort in trying to attain it.

This week the Wednesday group will have the opportunity to resurrect works in progress. Saturday class—we meet again on the 7th as next week is the 5th Saturday of the month.

Speaking of resurrection–the classroom will be back this week!  HOORAY!!!!

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