Choosing Wisely

Painting is about so many things for me not the least of which is the sheer delight in seeing the colors bump up against each other as they dance across the page; to see a light and a dark mix to a velvety mid-tone, right before my eyes, that creates a glow that seems infinite; to see what surprise awaits as the back of the brush carves through a juicy passage of paint. And on, and on. It is transportive. Like in mediation, another world opens and I pass through. Bodily rhythms change.  I am a part of something, not in control of it. The mind clears.  The breathing deepens.  Time flies.

Then there comes a time for problem solving that teaches additional lessons—if I put a dark heavy load here, a balance is needed there. If I am patient with this, that will take care of itself.  If, if, if– the possibilities, the choices are endless and each one offers a small “ah-ha”.  I can think of little else to do with my time that is as rich or as self-reflective.

In the end if I have created something that speaks to a viewer we become connected.  My world expands and overlaps with another. I have said something someone wants to hear. The process becomes even more satisfying.

Choosing a subject carefully, for me, facilitates the experience.  Much like a good conversation, the source material spurs reaction, ignites ideas and eliminates blocks. I have (clumsily) uploaded photos, some taken by me, some from the internet, to illustrate the subtle differences in composition that can ease the way on your journey. Note when an evocative image might not make the best composition.

linear too straight and dominate
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