Marks Matter

Reconcile the Picasso quote and the list of drawing instructions.

Drawing is a kind of hypnotism: one looks in such a way at the model, that he comes and takes a seat on the paper. -Pablo Picasso

Draw with your arm.

Start with broad action, notice axis lines, lightly sketch general form.

Don’t go into detail too soon.

Develop  volumes as you go.

Move quickly, rhythmically around the figure.

Adjust proportions.


Use areas of darks and lights to define form.

Cut into the general mass alternating between varied lines–heavier for indentations, and an eraser for lighter areas. Work sensitivly, quickly.

Look for body parts that can combine and rendered as one shape, then define.

Using broad strokes, with graphite, put in general shape of figure, and then carve form by highlighting with erasers.

Pencil pressure corresponds to what might best be exaggerated

Use white paint, chalk or pastel for highlights.

Using a wash, sketch areas of lights and darks, then go back in with pencil or ink to further define.

Build from the inside out.

Mark angle of the hips, waist and shoulder.

Spot a vertical line, note the angle of parts of the figure in relation to the vertical.

Use circles to demarcate joints—tubes for limbs.

Etc., etc

More importantly—See. Connect.  Be present. Leave authenticity on the page. The quality of you marks is what matters.

Wednesday Michele’s dad is going to come and play guitar while we use his form, his energy,  his music to  inspire drawing and paintings. Saturday Autumn will be modeling.  We will have a model for the next 2 weeks. Bring different experimental drawing
media, tools, etc. Be imaginative–see what happens. Remember Picasso’s approach to the figure.

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