The Party’s Over

Don’t you just love when after a great night of over-indulging in laughter, singing, dancing and imbibing you get some good rest and then you begin eat right, drink lots of water and exercise, feeling refreshed?  Consider this week “good rest”.  This is a week for working on those pesky sketchbooks or anything else that may be nagging at you. If  all the “leftovers” have been cleared,  be prepared to play with newly-gifted art supplies, things that spark your curiosity or just working on very small pieces that may not be as intimidating as a big, clean sheet of paper. (Time to use those odd scraps that are cut from a full sheet, or the small watercolor tablet given at last year’s Christmas party, or, if neither of those are available to you, I have some small sheets.)
Stretch, breathe, get ready for more exercise–just after we rest a little… 
Remember–no class on Saturday, New Years Day.
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