Show Pics and More

The reviews are in and from all reports from our guests the caliber of the art in this year’s show was head and shoulders above the last.  Once again –congratulations!

Here is a link to a You Tube slide show of the work on the first floor:

(Apologies for not getting to the 2nd floor for pics. When other photos come in we can add them to the blog.)

As reported from the last email this week we are going to tackle those sketchbooks for which so many of us signed up to do. If you don’t have a sketchbook, assemble some small sheets of paper to use in the same way.

The question–What is a sketchbook?  What is it today? What might it be on another day? Is it a scrapbook?  Is it a journal? Is it a record or a map? Is it a way to develop ideas?  Or is it a way to explore one specific idea? How do you best represent a theme in multiple pages? Or multiple themes in one book?

However you answer these questions, it is definitely for exercise and experiment. And it can be as random or as designed as you choose.

Here is a link to a crazy-complete website about sketch books that is very inspiring: If you only have time to look at one thing scroll down about a third of the way to Hokusai animated sketchbook – a must see.

Think about how do you take quick sketches and develop them into artwork.

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