Evaluating 10/18/2010

Hi All,

The depth at which everyone is exploring in anticipation of exhibition becomes increasingly exciting. Several people have examined their work and have been surprised to find that there is indeed a common theme. They are also surprised to see the effect of a mat and frame.  And some folks are finding that a recent blast of inspiration has turned things upside down.   Talk backs reveal different perspectives. Viewpoints are pushed in new directions. Sometimes the artist is downright surprised by what others see.

Seeing.  This is the time to “see” as much as you can–to spend time looking, to wonder and ask, to hear, to ponder, to re-evaluate, to change.

This week our task is to sit with groupings of work and a cup of tea.  I will make my wall available as well as the two classroom walls for scruntinizing.

Stealing again from Robert Genn, here is a list of thing to ask yourself. There is nothing we haven’t asked before, but it is nice to have reminders.   “It’s your ability to make choices that leads to effective, professional and unique work….In that area, in that place, I wonder what it would look like……

if that light over there really dazzled?
if there were an extreme gradation?
if darks were really punched in?
if that color were rethought and sophisticated?
if that color were intensified or changed?
if curves took precedent over straights?
if this were made to line up with that?
if there were a further element of depth added?
if that place could be better formed?

I would ask about integrity of:  form, of the whole, of the message of the endeavor. I would also ask what sustains my criticism of my work? What pleases me about what I see?  How much do I trust what others see? Answers will come over time. There are many and they are ever-changing.

What would you ask?

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