Week of 7/25/10 & Figure studies in progress

Hi All,

Contrary to the way it is with other endeavors in which the more proficient one becomes the less time is needed to complete a task, in art, accomplished often means more time is needed to “get to the end”.  And fewer exercises are necessary to spark the fire.  Instead of getting “faster” you go deeper, developing your individual style and statement.  This week’s class will be that time to work.

The figure sessions were inspirational. The approach and the interpretation are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.  As fears are abandoned people are willing to not merely render the figure, but interpret the figure and put it into a meaningful context of one’s own.

Work on whatever you need to with the idea of pushing it further than where you left it.  Look at books and ask for critiques.  Glean energy, support and feedback from the group.  If you are stumped, or so new you have little to work on, let me know and we’ll come up with a direction together.  

Here is the link to the photo album of last week’s work:

See you all soon.

Hope Susan is feeling better—WE MISS YOU!!


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6 Responses to Week of 7/25/10 & Figure studies in progress

  1. Sarah Erwin says:

    P.S. Thanks JoAnn! Hi everyone. Please check out my “Your Invited” comment on the “About” page of this ARTHOUSE 23 website/blog 🙂

  2. Ann Manion says:

    Jo Ann,

    I could not get the link to work above. Is there a trick?


  3. Ann Manion says:

    These are amazing. Each one is so uniquely interesting. You are a visionary and a wonderful teacher.

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