Works in Progress for “Under the Influence”

Hi All,

Scroll over each one to see who did what. Being under the influence was inspirational!  Here are the results of the first pass at the exercise. A suggestion-  print several copies in color and black and white and play with them.  turn them, use different media, different materials. Adjust in any way that hits you, then push it and do something that comes from the wildest part of your imagination. This week we are continuing work on these.  Saturday classes are very light so Wednesday people please feel free to continue make-ups.  And Saturday people, we almost always have room for Saturday make-ups, but please double check the afternoon of the evening you plan to attend.  See you soon,  j

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6 Responses to Works in Progress for “Under the Influence”

  1. cynthia pailet says:

    love the wall and love that you are happy! also, thanks for studio advise.

  2. Otis says:

    This blog thing is starting to come into focus.

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  4. Ellen says:

    Because, I have no idea how to move forward with the Gauguin / Kandinsky influenced thingy shown here, this week (7/17) I made a little painting based on a Van Gogh. The way he created perspective in this picture – a stairway in Auvers – is intriguing, sort of a modified vanishing point with mostly wavy lines. My result was interesting, but too derivative. I think I will scrub it and re paint. I was fascinated by the way the first under-painting showed through the zinc white. It would be fun to play around with that. I’m inspired by Roxy’s wonderful take on the library Van Gogh, where surface transparency adds so much interest and depth.

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