In Process–The Begining, The Middle & We’ll Wait to See the End

photo 16

Adjusting color. Capitivated by the velvety dark and outrageous berry color. Never have used a palette like this. Time to quit for the day. Next studio day I will spend time analyzing compositional structure and work to develop tension AND harmony. But the biggest question will be “what connects me to this? Where is the strongets pull?” Do I keep color or use it as a base for a creamy white veil? Do I add more contrast or make an evening glow? Simlify or make more complex? What does it want to be about? Where do I want it to take me? Where do I hope it might lead a viewer? Do I want it to relate to the rest of the work in the studio? Maybe I just want to explore the mood of color in similarly structured landscapes? Don’t know yet. I will think about this painting as I fall asleep and as I ready for tomorrow. I might reveiw work by artists I admire and see what they can tell me about my work. Do I want to emulate them, or go the other way? Hopefully there will a time to stop thinking about it after I ponder the questions? We’ll see what happens.

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