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The Sky’s the Limit

As an abstract painter for whom art can seriously be considered life-saving, I’ve spent years working to understand how art-making functions.  The formal elements, which we work on regularly, are the physical things that make up the composition of an artwork. … Continue reading


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A Cigar Takes Time

In a hysterical new video, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld discuss the difference in conversation style (and in their perceptions) between someone smoking a cigarette and someone smoking a cigar. A cigarette smoker, they note, is often in a hurry or … Continue reading

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Swimming to Pieria

No, I don’t mean Peoria and despite what it sounds like, Pieria is not a disease.  It is an area of Greece that has been described as ‘watered by the springs flowing from Olympus’. It’s reported to be the birthplace … Continue reading

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